Our Story

It all began with a new baby, and Dana Muskat working tirelessly for 3 months to create the very first BigStuffed, a Big white Octopus for her niece. She continued further and created the first Albino Whale for her Best friend’s newborn, and what started as a labor of love for her niece grew to a tradition that saw friends, family and friends of friends reaching out for these adorable stuffed animals.

In 2014, BigStuffed was born, created to celebrate the abandoned Albino creatures left to fend for themselves due to their differences. With their unique looks but distinct trademark droopy eyes, the BigStuffed plush toys were made to be different and unique exuding emotion and companionship.

As the brand grew, her husband Patrick joined in her living room workshop to stuff Octopus tentacles and continued further to be instrumental in the growth of the brand to the plush business it is today. Made in Europe by passionate seamstresses, Quality and certified fabric, handmade strong seams, and intricate unique designs the stuffed animals are more than just toys, they are made to last.

What started as a journey of one has blossomed to a journey of three, a family behind a universe of plushies. BigStuffed is the embodiment of family, acceptance and love, sharing it one stuffed toy at a time.

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